"Hi! My name is Adrian Middleton Sr. and I am the owner of Predator Productionz. I am a freelance videographer, photographer & marketing consultant  that specializes in events and short films, that is currently servicing Baytown, TX and the surrounding areas. I’m originally from Miami, FL but is now residing in Baytown, TX. I received my film degree from Sam Houston State University, as well as a minor in marketing. Some of my idols in the industry are Tarantino, Spike Lee, Ryan Coogler, Michael Bay, The RZA and the late John Singleton. I pride myself for having an eye for using whatever area I'm in to my advantage and investing into the art of storytelling.

The reason I decided to create Predator Productionz was not only to implement my love of photography & film, but also to provide an incredible and affordable service. I love being able to capture those special moments for my clients that will last a lifetime! Typically, this type of service is either too hard to shop around for or too expensive. Which is why I'm very passionate about what I do and I pride myself on my "Core 4 Values". Affordable prices, professional quality, customer service and a VIP experience!"

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